Laura Tisdall

Dr Laura Tisdall is a lecturer in modern history at Newcastle University. Her history book A Progressive Education? How Childhood Changed in Mid-Twentieth-Century English and Welsh Schools was published by Manchester University Press in 2020. She is represented by Kerry Glencorse at Susanna Lea Associates and is working on her first novel, which moves between fourteenth-century Cambridgeshire and the present day.

Speaking at: Researching Historical Fiction: A Historian’s Point of View, Saturday 10.10 – 11.00 in Arnold Wolfendale Theatre

In this session, Laura will be looking at what happens if you can’t find the specific bit of information you need for your novel in history books. What if no evidence survives from that time and place, or is only preserved in distant archives? And how important is “historical accuracy” in historical fiction anyway?

The session will suggest some research tips and tricks from the point of view of a professional historian who writes her own historical fiction. There will also be lots of time for attendees to ask questions about specific research problems.

Blog: Laura Tisdall | Writer and Historian

Twitter: @TisdallLaura