Aidan Morrissey

Aidan Morrissey

Aidan Morrissey is a lawyer by profession; he left UK Private Practice in 1990 to take up an in-house position with an Italian Company in Milan. Since then, Aidan has worked in many countries and has lived, at various times, in Italy, Germany, Brazil, the United States and India, picking up several languages along the way.

With an enduring passion for all things Ancient Egyptian and a frequent visitor to Egypt and museums throughout the world, Aidan’s first novel The Awakening Aten, twelve years in research and another three in the writing, was published in paperback and Ebook by Matador in 2019.

He is enthusiastic about encouraging others to write creatively, effectively and passionately. He is an active member of a local Fiction Writer’s Group whose members have published 5 books between them in 2019.

Speaking at: Avoiding or Embracing Anachronisms in Historical Fiction, Sunday 15.30 – 16.20 in the Arnold Wolfendale Theatre


Twitter: @AidanKMorrissey

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