Pitch Sessions

Everyone who has booked their place and paid for a conference day place is given the opportunity to reserve a pitch session as a one-to-one with selected participating conference agents, editors and industry professionals.

Once the pitch timetable goes live it will be available to download here (PDF) to see which agents/editors are available during which sessions.

Find out about agents, editors and industry professionals on the Who’s Who page.

Book your pitch session online using the choices form (You will be notified when pitch timetable / choices form goes live.)

Bookings are on a first-come, first served basis, but you may not apply for more than a maximum of two sessions. These must be with two different people.

Once you have booked a pitch session then you may submit advance material when you are ready. Advance material must be submitted no later than 27th July 2018

You can either upload it when you book your pitch session, or later using the advance material upload form.

The advance material required is as follows:

  • A synopsis on no more than one sheet of A4, no smaller than 12 point font, properly set out in paragraphs with margins.
  • The first chapter or up to the first 2000 words of the work that is the subject of your pitch.
  • Combine these two into one document, either PDF or Word doc, prior to uploading.

Please book your pitch place early as demand is likely to be high.